5 Best Keratin Smoothing Treatment Solution in 2020/21

5 Best Keratin Smoothing Treatment Solution in 2020/21

Keratin protein is naturally present in the hair and is gradually lost due to various factors, causing dry and frizzy hair. Keratin smoothing treatments restore hair health.

With the number of keratin-based products for hair care, it isn't easy to decide which one is right for you. Furthermore, it takes a while to understand what each one does to your hair. It seems that keratin smoothing treatments offer different results.


On that note, let's first discuss some differences. 


Smoothing keratin therapy is different from a keratin hair straightening solution. Relaxing and straightening solutions break the protein bonds in the structure of the hair. They render the hair into a semi-permanent straight style. Keratin smoothing solutions coat the hair's outer layer with hydrolyzed keratin without altering the natural state of your hair. 


If your objective is to have smooth hair that looks vibrant and shiny without relaxing your curls, you should opt for keratin smoothing treatment. The product offers several benefits:


  • Versatility as it allows you to style your hair the way you want 
  • It makes hair frizz-free
  • Less expensive treatment
  • Less time to process hair
  • No harsh chemical ingredients
  • Minimizing heat damage to hair
  • Easier maintenance
  • Retaining hair volume
  • Lasting between six to eight weeks
  • Making hair stronger due to the protective layer of keratin
  • Shortening blow-drying and styling time


Now that we've known the benefits of keratin smoothing treatment, let's find out what this product is and why it is beneficial to your hair. 


Definition of keratin smoothing solution


88% of your hair is keratin, and it wears out with aging, environmental factors, and styling. You are familiar with hair conditioners and probably use this product after shampoo to make your hair soft, smooth, and shiny. Keratin smoothing solution acts as a hair conditioner but goes beyond the superficial benefits of hair conditioners. 


Professional hair stylists use keratin smoothing treatment solutions for deeper hair care. The solution provides hair with moisture and nourishment, so hair becomes healthy, shiny, and smooth. Its moisturizing effect prevents hair from getting dry, thus removing frizz and eliminating hair breakage. 


Most keratin smoothing treatment solutions have various natural oils combined with other ingredients traditionally used for hair care. The solution coats individual hair strands with a protective layer to keep hair safe from heat from the sun and electric styling tools, dust, and pollution. 


Why is the keratin smoothing treatment solution effective?

If you're frustrated with stubborn hair that does not want to cooperate with any of your styling methods, keratin smoothing solutions may be the answer. You can discuss your problem with a professional hairstylist. Keratin smoothing treatment solution makes even stubborn hair smooth and soft. It provides hair with beautiful texture, volume, and deep shine. Keratin reconstructs damaged hair and protects it from humidity. It makes hair more manageable. 


Knowing the benefits of a keratin smoothing treatment solution is not enough. Several brands are available in the market, so which one should you choose. Here are the five best keratin smoothing treatment solutions to choose from.


Best brands


It is challenging to choose the right keratin smoothing treatment when there are many options available in the market. Learn about their properties and the benefits each product can give you before making the final choice. 


Cliove Total Keratin Solution


The Total Keratin Solution from Cliove promises to give you hair that's straight, smooth lustrous, and healthy. The product is a professionally blended mix of select keratin proteins, made more effective with organic olive oil additions for additional nourishment. The keratin smoothing treatment will leave your hair feeling like silk, soft, elastic, and moisturized. You'll be delighted with your shiny and bouncy hair. 


Total Keratin Solution will help reduce your curls by about 50%. You'll have frizz-free hair from its gentle formulation that is free from parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde. It is suitable for all types of hair. It's formulated to make your hair healthy once again without making permanent changes to your hair's structure, making it manageable and easy to style. 


Brazilian Blowout 


If you are looking for hair smoothing treatments, you should know that keratin treatment and Brazilian Blowout are the same in that regard. Brazilian Blowout straightens hair, and the proteins the product contains coat the hair's outer layer, causing the hair strands to relax. Brazilian Blowout softens, protects, and smoothens hair. The straightening effect happens when heat from the flat iron is applied to the hair. 


Brazilian Blowout means blow-drying the hair. Using a flat iron is an option. The difference with keratin treatment is that after processing the hair, which takes about 90 minutes, the client can already wash her hair. The effect of the Brazilian Blowout lasts for about three months. 


Remember that the Brazilian keratin treatment process is different, and it takes longer. This treatment semi-permanently renders hair straight. Also, this process requires the client to wash their hair three days after the treatment. They must wear clips, headbands, or put up their hair in a ponytail or put it behind their ears to prevent bends from forming on the hair. 


Keratin Complex


Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy does not cause hair to straighten because it does not contain chemicals to break the hair's protein bonds. The product acts more like a deep conditioning system, with the high concentration of keratin penetrating the hair cortex and sealing the keratin to repair damaged hair. The product leaves the hair shiny, smooth, and glowing with health. The hair's natural state is not altered, so your hair will remain straight, wavy, or curly. The hair becomes manageable and more accessible to style. 






The Uberliss Keratin Treatment works like the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, with the processing steps reduced. The solution involves a 2-step process. First is applying the Uberliss Fiber Expander to expand the hair cuticle so that the conditioning ingredient, di-amine, can penetrate the hair cortex. The second step involves using the Uberliss Fiber Restructure that injects active glyoxylic acid and a mixture of buriti oil (aguaje oil from the fruit of buriti palm), cysteine keratin into the hair cortex. These ingredients are for straightening the hair. The interaction of all the ingredients renders the air smooth, silky, and soft for about five months. Uberliss Frizz Elixir is applied before flat ironing the hair for added protection and shine, and to remove frizz. 




Keratherapy offers two types of keratin smoothing treatments – Intense Renewal and Extreme Renewal. 


Intense Renewal is the milder formulation that can reduce curls for up to 90%. It makes the hair easier to style, and the blow-trying time is reduced. It provides humidity control and removes frizz. The process is like the regular keratin treatment process, which could take one and half-hours to finish. The odor is lesser and the fumes released are reduced by 75%. The smoothing effect of Intense Renewal lasts for about three months. 


Keratherapy Extreme Renewal version is suitable for thick and coarse hair that is very resistant to treatments and styling. The application process is the same, which leaves hair smooth, shiny, and manageable. It helps make hair frizz-free. Curls are reduced as well. The effect of the treatment lasts for about four months. 

It helps you decide which type of keratin smoothing treatment solution to have if you understand what each of these top five products can give you. At the same time, it is best to consult with your trusted hairstylist to know what he or she recommends. 



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