Keratin Treatment and Low Hair-care maintenance:

Keratin Treatment and Low Hair-care maintenance:

Sulfate-free shampoos & conditioners.

All you need for a low-maintenance Keratin After-Care routine is here: Experts recommend using a gentler keratin-infused shampoo and conditioner like the Cliove Keratin Protein Shampoo and Conditioner provided by your Professional stylist or salon to preserve the results longer. 

These delicate hair-care products are Paraben and Sulfate free that won't strip out the Keratin Treatment and the natural oils in your hair. If you have a medium-type hair texture, you can probably get away with a wash-and-go, especially in the first few weeks.

Extra step:  Use a deep conditioning mask every two weeks to replenish any loss of Keratin that you can have due to the time, chemical, coloring process, or even environmental factors that affect your hair. The Protein Hair Mask by Cliove is an excellent option for your extra nourishing routine.

Your post-shower routine is likely going to be easier with the Keratin. A microfiber towel is the best option for the drying process  and the key to getting the best styling results is to take care of the middle and ends between shampoos too. 

Afterward, Organics and concentrated hair oils like the Cliove Hair Serum Drops can help give them extra care with silk scrunchies as the perfect finishing touch to your post-shower hair-care routine.

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