What is Brazilian Blowout and 10 Things You Should Know

What is Brazilian Blowout and 10 Things You Should Know

Brazilian Blowout became the hair secret of many celebrities for a time. There are many things that people have yet to know about this hair styling system.


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But more women are very satisfied with the treatment because it does not only makes the hair super shiny and supple; it also relaxes and straightens hair, making it frizz-free and sleek.


So, to stop you from wondering about the hair treatment that used to be a ''celebrity-exclusive'' hair product, we'll reveal the top things you should know about Brazilian Blowout. 




It's suitable for all types of hair


Some people say that Brazilian Blowout works only on curly or wavy hair. The fact is the treatment is customizable, so people with fine, frizzy, coarse, or kinky hair can avail of the treatment. The straightening effect is temporary, unlike the Japanese hair straightening treatment. The curls or waves that you naturally have will come back after three months. 



2. Get Brazilian Blowout in moderation.


The saying, ''too much of a good thing can be bad'' applies to the treatment. While a customer might be delighted with the result of Brazilian Blowout treatment, overdoing it can lead to more damage, according to hair care experts. The application of high heat from the flat iron can also fry your hair follicles. The recommendation is to have the treatment once or twice a year. 

3. Treat it as an investment.


Having a Brazilian Blowout treatment is costly. If you want to have straight, smooth, supple, and lustrous hair for the next three to four months, you'll realize that your investment is worth it. The actual treatment averages $300. You also have to invest in regular touch-ups to keep your mane looking the same as when you first left the hair salon. You might also need to change your shampoo and conditioner

4. Brazilian Blowout contains various chemicals.


Brazilian Blowout contains a variety of chemicals. The product became controversial because there were reports that it contained formaldehyde. This is NOT an ingredient in Brazilian Blowout. However, when heated, some of its main components cause formaldehyde gas to form and released into the air. This chemical reaction of the ingredients plus heat is what causes the curls to relax and straighten, so it is not a bad thing altogether. Without it, the curls and waves will remain. 

5. Certification of stylist


Brazilian Blowout is not part of the cosmetology license. Stylists assigned to do the treatment attend special training courses, after which they receive certification. The stylist must fully understand what she or he is doing. It is your responsibility to check about their accreditation before you allow them to touch your hair. 

6. Safety


Because of the previous controversy, many customers are worried about their safety. That is why it is essential to do your research and go to a reputable salon to have the treatment. Talk with the stylist and discuss your options, the chemicals they will use, how long the process takes, and what to do afterward. 


The salon should mix the right chemicals to ensure their clients' safety. The formaldehyde created by the mix of chemicals and heat modifies the hair's keratin. With the right mixture, the formulation will be safe to use.

7. Effect on colored hair


Brazilian Blowout will have some effect on previously colored hair. The product is effective on chemically treated hair and repairs your hair. When your hair is colored, the treatment will either reduce the color's intensity or cause it to fade.

8.Effect on hair volume


Your hair's natural volume is maintained when you get your treatment. Your hair will still bend and retain the style you applied with a curling iron.



9.Coloring your hair


If you plan to color your hair and have a Brazilian Blowout on the same day, it is possible. You just have to do the coloring before getting the treatment. Your hairstylist would know what to do to minimize the fading effect of the treatment. If you plan to color your hair later, it is safe to do it about two weeks after the Brazilian Blowout.

10. Great results


When correctly done, the result of a Brazilian Blowout treatment is excellent. It immediately removes frizz from your hair, making your hair soft and smooth. You'll have amazing hair that you might have only dreamed of several years ago. Your hair will look lustrous, cleaner, and easier to maintain. 

Overall, Brazilian Blowout is a great hair repair and conditioning treatment as it restores luster and shine. It quickly repairs damaged hair and helps to straighten curly and frizzy hair. The secret to getting good service and better results is to do your research. 


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