Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz
Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz
Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz
Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz
Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz
Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz

Cliove Clarifying And Detox Shampoo 16oz

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Paraben, Sulfide, and Cruelty-Free! Cleanses deep scalp and hair while nourishing the roots and improving hair texture. 

More than just an anti-residue shampoo, it's your trusted ally, raising your hair's Ph level, cleansing it, and prepping it for the best results. It's the ideal choice before any hair treatment, ensuring your hair remains vibrant and healthy. Our clarifying shampoo lathers your hair in luxurious foam while exuding a delightful, natural scent preparing the hair absorption of Anti-Aging Ingredients included in your hair care routine.

No more greasy scalp, If you're dealing with a greasy scalp or need a color dye service before your chosen treatment, Cliove Clarifying Shampoo is your go-to solution, recommended for weekly use. Experience ageless beauty naturally with every wash.

Improved Hair Texture, Formulated with powerful antioxidants to eliminate residue and excess oils, the clarifying shampoo can enhance the texture of your hair. It can make your hair feel smoother and more manageable, reducing the appearance of frizz, hair loss, gray hair production, and dryness, common signs of aging hair. 


  • Removal of Product Buildup and Boost Your Scalp health 
  • Oily scalp treatment and dandruff treatment
  • Improve Hair Texture: Enhance Absorption of Anti-Aging Ingredients
  • Prevent Hair Thinning and Breakage
  • Act as soft Scalp exfoliator and itchy scalp relief
  • Boost Your Scalp Health


-16oz size, enough for up to 6 months of weekly use.

-Vegan, Cruelty-Free Formula: Our commitment to ethical hair care.

-Paraben, Sulfide, Free: Gentle yet effective.

-Itchy scalp relief

-Formulated for all hair types

-Bottle: PET opaque for product protection.

-Dispenser: Convenient pump for easy application.

Read the Ingredients list here

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Stephanie Camargo
This product was a miracle worker!!

For months I had been struggling with waxy/greasy hair and tried EVERYTHING I could think of to fix it - washing more frequently, washing less frequently, switching shampoo/conditioner, double shampooing, using apple cider vinegar, and the list keeps going. I missed my thick, soft,wavy hair and was desperate to get it back. A friend finally suggested that I try Cliove clarifying shampoo. Its very gentle on hair, including color-treated hair (I've been getting highlights for decades), it got amazing reviews, and the price was perfect. It got here in one day and I immediately tested it out. I replaced did a double shampoo with this product (replaces your normal shampoo) and followed with a deep conditioner. My hair was COMPLETELY CURED!!! The recommended use is twice a month, but maybe less frequently if you don't use tons of product or if you don't have hard water/mineral buildup, and I will absolutely be doing just that.

Frances Mathis

I bought this product because I live out in the country and have extremely hard water. I had so much gunk and build up in my hair that I wasn’t able to get out with any other clarifying shampoo I tried. I found out about this shampoo online and went ahead and bought it to try it out, and I am in love. After only one use most of the gunk is out of my hair, it is softer, and it has less of a straw feel to it. I am so happy with this purchase.

Christina Gray
Five Stars

This is literally the best clarifying shampoo I have ever bought! It smells amazing, cleans out all the junk (product) that is left in your hair, and cleans your scalp well. It also doesn't over dry your hair.

Carolyn Lopez
Itching stopped

For some mysterious reason my headed started itching when I was using a shampoo I’ve used for a long time. It was driving me crazy. After using this the first time the itching stopped. Nice scent too. I use it once a week!

Yasmine Garcia
Great cleaning and awesome smell.

Smells great, works great. I used this the night before I went to get my hair colored. It is supposed to help rid your hair of (non-metallic salt) henna. It seemed to do the job. My hair turned out great. I also use it when my hair is especially dirty from working outside or just need to get a lot of product off my hair.

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