Keratin Treatment

Keratin Starter Kit

Keratin Starter Kit

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Available for Professional only: 

In this starter kit, you will get all you need to complete the perfect keratin treatment. 


(1) Clarifying Shampoo 16oz - Step 1

(1) Keratin Treatment 16oz - Step 2

(1) Advance Styling Cream 8oz -Step 3 

(1) Hair Serum Drops 2oz.- Last step after hair drying and straightening.




Read the Keratin Ingredients list here

Read the Hair Care Ingredients list here

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Total Keratin Hair Treatment - Best Hair Care Accessories 2020

Total Keratin Treatment

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Available For professional only! 

Total Keratin Treatment-16oz Infused with Keratin proteins and olive oil to smooth and nourish hair, while sealing-in moisture and improving elasticity.


Read the Ingredients list here

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