Cliove Total Smooth Keratin Treatment Q & A

Below are a few frequently asked questions and their answers that will be helpful for you to know and share.


Q: Does Cliove Keratin Smoothing Treatment permanently straighten hair ?

A: No. Cliove Keratin Smoothing Treatments a Semi-permanent, professional keratin treatment. It is used to softening the cuticle, and to reduce frizz and curl. It helps to repair damage, making the hair smoother, shinier and healthier. It blocks humidity and prevents frizz. Clients receiving this treatment experience super manageability, and significantly reduced blow dry and styling time.

Q: How should I schedule my keratin clients daily ?

A:1.5-2.5 hours between each keratin client is standard. Consider the texture and length of the hair.

Q: Can the Cliove Keratin Smoothing treatment be used on hair that has been colored or lightened?

A: Yes. CLIOVE Keratin Smoothing Treatment is safe to use on hair that has been colored or lightened its even recommended after every color service to help to seal the cuticle and extend the longevity of a color service.

Q: What is the recommendation for time between color/ lightening services and CLIOVE Keratin Smoothing Treatments?

A: Color service can be performed on the same day or prior to the keratin treatment, if the client desires to color their hair after the treatment they should wait 14-30 days.

Q: Should hair be wet or shampooed soon after Cliove Keratin Smoothing treatment ?

A:To assure long lasting results, hair should not be wet or shampood for the first24-72 hours following the Cliove Keratin smoothing treatment depending on the desire end results.

Q: Should the hair be pulled back using clips or rubber bands during the 24 hours following the service ?

A: No. Doing so can leave a line of demarcation and cause possible breakage to the hair.

Q: Which Shampoo should I recommend my client to use after the 24-72 hours and for continued home maintenance ?

A: Cliove Protein Keratin Shampoo and Protein Keratin Conditioner. Recommend the use of Hair Styling Cream and Hair Serum after each shampoo to aid in styling.

Q: When swimming in chlorine or sea water, should the hair be covered?

A: Yes. Cover the hair with a swim cap when swimming in the pool or ocean. if you prefer not to cover hair then apply Protein Keratin conditioner before entering the pool or ocean.

Q: Should the Cliove retouch application be applied to the entire head of hair or new growth only?

A: The application should be applied to the entire head of hair.

Q: How long will a Cliove Keratin Smoothing Treatment last?

A: Results will last up to 12 weeks depending on the client’s daily activity and lifestyle.

Smoothing treatment depanding on the desire end results.

Q: Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?

It is better to cut the hair once it has been dried and flat ironed after the service as it will have a smoother texture and better manageability.

Q: Can Cliove Keratin Smoothing Treatment be applied on hair that has been treated with henna or metallic dyes ?

A: No, Cliove Keratin Smoothing Treatment should not be apply on hair that has been treated with henna or any other metallic dyes. Use of metallic dyes prohibit the treatment from penetrating the hair shaft.

Q: On what temperature should the at iron be set ?

A: The temperature setting will vary between 380F to 450F depending on the texture and condition of the hair. Use these guidelines for best results:

Fine and Over Proceed Hair 380F * Medium and Good Hair Condition 410F * Coarse and Resistant Hair 450F.