Cliove Conditioner 16 oz

Cliove Conditioner 16 oz

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Restores moisture to damaged hair while reducing frizz and nourishing the cuticle. Aids hair in regaining shine and restoring the health of the hair naturally.Ā Ā 

How To Use:

Cliove ConditionerĀ 

Cliove Conditioner is also known as a Smoothing or Anti-Frizz Conditioner. With Cliove's unique fragrance for all hair types, it's a daily use Conditioner that maintains any Keratin, Smoothing, Brazilian, Nanoplastia, or any other straightening treatment. It's Paraben, Sulfide, Cruelty-Free, and Color-safe, and contains certified organic and vegan ingredients imported from Jerusalem, Israel, and made in Miami, Florida, USA.

It's recommended to use Conditioner on the hair after using Cliove Shampoo. Apply a generous amount of Conditioner starting from the hair end, throughout the mid-hair to the top. Leave the Conditioner on the hair for two minutes and rinse using warm water; only rinse 90% off of the Conditioner. Leaving a bit of Conditioner on the hair will give better results throughout the day.

*Alternate using the Cliove Hair Mask and the Cliove Conditioner. For example, if today you used the Cliove Conditioner, then the next time you wash your hair, you can use the Cliove Protein Hair Mask.

*This Conditioner can also be used on males for the hair or beard. For men's beards, it's a fantastic Conditioner since it will smooth the beard and make it softer and more manageable.

Read theĀ Ingredients list here

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Why choose us?
Reason one

Cliove uses about 50% Natural ingredients in our products both oils and plant extract in order to restore and maintain your hair’s healthy glow from within. Our product goes through an extensive formulation process, from the selection of powerful certified organic ingredients from sustainable sources, Argan, Coconut and Olive Oils carefully calibrating them into the perfect blend, testing the technology with scientist and professional hairdressers, to customizing  the formulas with a perfect elegant fragrance signature that will help to heal your hair and scalp. 

Reason two

Because, we are treating each client of us as a family, raving fans just like our company, we are a family-owned business. So providing with an outstanding customer service is a must! We have a variety of powerful professional contributors that brings their experience, knowledge, and love. From women entrepreneurs, professional hairstylists and the voice of the consumers. This is why we are creating the best hair products in the market 

Organic Oils

There is nothing better than using some of nature’s gifts to nourish and care for your hair. The wonders of CBD, coconut, argan and olive oils are essential ingredients to professional hair care lines.

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