Winter is a season to enjoy the best celebrations of the year, the biggest holidays with your loved ones without worrying about damaged hair looks in selfies. We have you covered. no worries!

Here are more tips for looking amazing in photos this holiday season.

1. Dry your hair before you go out.

 It is especially important to make sure your hair is completely dry before going outside in the winter as cold hair expands the hair shaft, making hair more prone to breakage as well as causing the color to fade further. 

Give your hair that extra time in the winter to air dry, or better yet, modify your winter hair care routine to wash and care at night, so you can avoid blow drying your hair when you're out in the cold. rush in the morning.

If you absolutely must leave the house with wet hair, be sure to protect it from the weather by tucking it under your scarf or hat. 

2. Find space in your routine for a Weekly deep conditioning hair mask.

Think of hair masks like high-powered hair conditioners, if the mask is infused with essential oils like the Cliove Protein Hair Mask then is perfect, it can give your hair benefits after replenishing the natural keratin loss and weather exposure, some of these benefits are needed during winter like softening and hydrating, boosting growth, adding shine, and even fighting off scalp dryness caused by the cold. 

Masks are an excellent preventative measure to ensure that your hair is protected and at an optimal level of health, year-round with tons of health benefits in less than 20 minutes. Prepare your hair for the flash with an extra deep love step on your Organic Hair Care routine. 

3. Avoid or reduce heat styling.

Embrace your natural hair texture and opt to air dry instead of hot hair dry whenever possible, to better results you can use a styling cream and hair serum drops to reduce frizz. The most recommended are products with organic and essential oils like The Advance Styling Cream and Cliove Hair Seum Drops to nourish the hair during the day and protect it from cold damage. 

As you probably know from your own experience, heat styling is a major culprit for dry, damaged hair. Please store your curling iron away for the winter, and opt for heatless curls and waves or use the colder months as an opportunity to experiment with twists, buns, and ponytails. 

When your hair is already in a fragile state during the colder months, heat styling can amplify the problem, sucking moisture from hair strands and causing breakage and split ends. 

The best move will always to keep your hair healthy and looking amazing this holidays with a complete Organics Hair Care Routine and special tips to protect your hair from possible damage and Embrace the natural beauty on you on everysingle single holiday picture and selfie.

"The less exposure to winter weather elements, the better"

Rafael Montua
Cliove Ambassador

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