5 Tips to Protect your Hair from Sun, Chlorine, and Saltwater in Summer!

5 Tips to Protect your Hair from Sun, Chlorine, and Saltwater in Summer!

There is no excuse anymore not having healthy and great-looking hair and skin during summertime with the following Tips: 

TIP #1

Rule number one, the best protection is to wear a nice hat, scarf, or cap to protect your hair from sun damage.

TIP #2

Get your hair wet with fresh water before jumping in a pool or into the sea; If you dive in with dry hair, it will absorb the chlorine and the salt right away.

TIP #3

You can use an oil spray or hair serum as Hair Serum Drops from Cliove Organics to protect your hair from its dehydrating effects before you go into the water.

TIP #4 

Use a Leave-In conditioner to keep salt and chlorine out and to maintain the moisture in your hair. Ideally, get one with sunscreen as the Cliove Advance Styling cream

TIP #5

Finally, rinse your hair, at least with cold and fresh water. Make sure the chlorine and salt don´t dry in your hair and get rid of it as soon as possible with Clarifying Shampoo, especially if the hair has been exposed to chlorine. 

Then wash it a second time with a moisturizing shampoo like Keratin Protein Shampoo completely to get rid of all chemicals that remain in your hair. Replenish the keratin loss caused by them and the sun with the deep conditioning Protein Hair Mask.

If you follow this Summer Hair Care routine, you will definitely enjoy summer without getting constantly worried about your hair health. 

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