The skin and hair are the parts of the body that are most exposed to external factors. In summer, hair is subjected to intense exposure to the sun, seawater, swimming pools or sudden changes in temperature, which results in loss of hair protein, frizz and brittle, dull hair.

When the end of September arrives, the deterioration that the hair was already suffering from the damage of the summer is added to the stress of returning to the routine and autumn, so it is important to monitor and maintain the appearance of the hair to avoid cuts. ends. typical autumn

Take note of the following 5 recommendations to add to your daily fall hair routine to avoid extreme haircuts:

1. Take care of the health of your hair from the inside out.

In addition to taking care of the hair from the inside with a balanced diet rich in E, iron and zinc to eliminate free radicals in the follicles and strengthen them, we must pay attention to the washing and moisturizing routine on the outside.

2. Start and complement your routine with a Detox.

At least once a month, our brand ambassador and expert Rafael Montua recommends starting your fall hair routine with the use of a detox shampoo such as Cliove Clarifying Shampoo, which eliminates excess chemicals and possible saturation of the hair due to excess conditioning treatments that are carried out. It is generally used during the summer to prevent damage.

After using this detox shampoo, wash your hair again with a moisturizing shampoo like the Keratin Protein Shampoo that provides proteins and essential oils to your hair. Follow with a light formula conditioner like Keratin Protein Conditioner that offers softness and manageability but doesn't weigh hair down or weigh it down.

Once a week you can do an intensive nutrition treatment with a Protein Hair  Mask that provides your hair strand with the protein that it possibly lost due to exposure to UV rays during the summer and that can cause breakage and fall.

3. Use oils with natural ingredients.

After washing your hair, you can apply oils with natural ingredients that deeply nourish your hair, such as argan, olive and coconut oil. Cliove Hair Serum Drops features these three certified organic essential oils that are a great option to complement your fall hair care efforts. Thus, you will be able to restore flexibility and softness to the hair since it exerts a protective film effect and moisturizes the follicle.

4. Fill in the loss of keratin in the hair strand during the summer.

In any case, Rafael recommends as a first option to solve the problems caused by changes in season and temperature, to make up for the loss of keratin that we have each season, using the Smoothing Keratin Treatment.
This service can be adapted according to its application to the needs of each client's hair at any time, which provides a mane ready to look stylized in any season of the year, since healthy hair adapts well to environmental changes.

5. Don't forget to trim your ends.

If you choose not to cut the ends of your hair from time to time, you may inadvertently contribute to further damage and deterioration of the hair as, over time, the split end will extend further into the root, damaging longer hair. healthy. and making it more brittle and brittle.

Our brand ambassador recommends cutting the ends of the hair between 6 to 12 weeks, this time could coincide with the changes of the seasons. You can use this trimming range to prevent further damage to the length of the hair.

It will be important that you maintain this routine throughout the season. And if you then get used to moisturizing your hair regularly, you will see how your hair changes and the period in which you have to cut it lengthens.

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