Skin Care Routine for Beards and Facial Hair

Skin Care Routine for Beards and Facial Hair

Are you pleased with your ability to grow a beard. Unfortunately, beards can come with their own unique set of difficulties. Beard dandruff, itchy beard, and other annoying skincare problems can arise when the skin underneath your beard is neglected. What is the best way to care for your skin while maintaining your super beard?

Beard care and grooming have never been so easy: These beard care routines will keep your facial hair looking stunning

1. KERATIN FOR BEARD. Keratin is a fibrous protein that forms the main structural essential of one’s hair. It is the protein that protects the epithelial cells from loss. This is a hair smoothing process that is applied to stop your hair from frizzing, leaving it smooth and looking healthier. It starts by smoothing out the hair cells that overlap to form your hair strands. The hair cuticle then absorbs the keratin making your look silky and adds volume to the hair. Cliove Keratin Beard Treatment seeks to straighten the hair for easy styling as well. A keratin treatment can be applied by using keratin serums, shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks. Even though they do not make the hair straight, they make hair damage-resistant and repair dry and broken hair. Cliove Keratin Treatment method is mostly applied to make your hair stronger and safer from heat and chemical damage.

2. CARING FOR YOUR BEARD. A lot of growing a beard turns around properly taking care of it. You can care for your beard throughout the day with balm and beard oil. You can train the hairs with a comb and boar bristle brush. This will also help spread the natural oil you create, sebum, throughout your beard. You can use scissors to trim down your beard and mustache, and also get rid of divided ends. Keeping it clean is as simple as using softener and beard wash a few days a week.

3. GO EASY ON THE SHAMPOO. If you’re like most guys, you may be clean your beard with the same shampoo you use for your hair. This is fine, so long as your shampoo doesn’t have moisture-stripping sulfates and other harsh ingredients. Still, even a gentle shampoo can dehydrate the skin and lead to feared beard dandruff. Use Cliove Keratin Shampoo once per week to avoid over-drying your skin, and Cliove Keratin Conditioner about three times per week to clean it instead. Keep in mind that everyone’s hair and skin are dissimilar. You may need to wash with conditioner more or less than three times a week to find the correct balance for your skin.

4. EXFOLIATE TWICE PER WEEK. Regular exfoliation is key to stopping beard dandruff, ingrown hairs, and dull skin. Using a men’s facial scrub will eliminate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and allow any products you use to be more effective. Although there are many advantages to adding a men’s exfoliating scrub to your skincare routine, keep in mind that there can be too much of a good thing. Over-exfoliating can reason dry, itchy skin—the exact thing you’re trying to avoid! For most men, exfoliating twice per week is the sweet spot. If your skin is sensitive, find a facial scrub that contains soothing ingredients such as Menthyl Lactate and Cucumber Extract.

5. BRUSHING YOUR BEARD. If your beard is fairly wild, you may benefit from a beard comb. Brushing your beard with a comb made for your beard will benefit spread your skin’s natural oils and naturally slough off dead skin cells. As with any grooming product, be careful with what you select. A nice, wooden beard comb will encourage blood flow and promote healthy beard growth, while a cheap comb can damage the hair follicles.

6. BEARD BALM. Beard balm is another go-to product for men seeing to take their beard grooming to the next level, and it falls in the (very) general overall category of a beard conditioner. The balm is often referred to as the “lovechild of beard oil and beard wax” because it combines the hydrating abilities of Beard Oil with the hold of beard wax. A balm’s hold isn’t as strong as that of a wax, but it does have some beeswax, which is strong stuff, indeed.

7. BEARD OIL. As you may have already predicted, this is a type of oil you use in your beard to balance its hydration naturally. Washing regularly keeps the grime at bay, but it also strips away some of your beard’s natural oil. As a result, beard oil was developed as a leave-in conditioning product considered to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin.

8. STYLE YOUR BEARD. Once you’ve trimmed your beard into a design or shape that suits your face shape, guys can style their facial hair with Cliove Styling Cream to groom it into submission. By this point, your beard should already be soft, shiny, and well-kept so all that’s left to do is apply a balm or wax and create a cool beard style. Styling balms are thick and creamy, so less is more if you don’t want to needlessly way down your hair. Distribute it a little at a time throughout the areas of your beard that want styling until you like what you see.

There are multiple options when it comes to maintaining a great-looking beard. With the right products and the right methods for using them, we believe that your beard will be a source of pride, confidence, and jealousy of many.

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