The easiest guide to create a Mission Statement for Independent stylist, Hair Salons, and Barbershops.

The easiest guide to create a Mission Statement for Independent stylist, Hair Salons, and Barbershops.

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 A great mission statement is the clue for the success of a company, a project, a brand and also of your personal brand.

If you do not have a mission statement for your personal brand or business, it’s time to craft one. Whether you work on your own project, run a hair salon or barbershop, having a mission statement is a great tool for driving your purpose as an owner, motivating your staff, and most importantly appealing to your clients.

Your mission statement should reflect why you started your project or business and who you serve to change their world and your impact communities. To learn more about why having mission statements for  independent hairstyles, salons or barber shops is so important, keep reading. In this guide, we will also go over 5 steps and tricks that make it easy to create your own mission statement to achieve success in just five minutes.

Mission Statements for you: The Basics

Vision vs mission statement

To have a successful career as a professional stylist, salon or barbershop, you need to have a vision of what you work to achieve. This will help you run your business in a way that works to achieve your overall goal as a business owner.Take into account even if you are an independent stylist you own your project and career so yes, you are an owner.

Your mission statement should be a short summary describing why your projects, brand and business exists, their goals, as well as how this goal is achieved. A mission statement should reflect a companies’ goal to change the world of its customers and impact their communities in one way or another.

*Keep the information from this goal on mission statements in mind to craft your own unique vision.

How to do Branding using your mission statement?

This statement should not only reflect the essence of your business but will also work to guide all the decisions you make as a company. It will include your objectives and the steps that take to reach them. It should combine your purpose and values to reflect your brand.

This works to set the direction of your business, whether you are just starting out, or you are redirecting or growing your it. This mission statement should be shared and understood company-wide to create a united workplace culture, where the staff knows what is expected of them and what they should work towards. This unites team members to meet the goals of your company while upholding your brand values.

Your mission is not only important for the inner workings of your salon, but it also is a great tool for attracting clients. Customers often look for brands and companies that stand for something important. Then again, you need to create a mission statement  that reflects your goals, your project and companies´ goals to change the world of your customers in one way or another.

Sharing your mission statement inside of your salon, on your website, on your social media platforms, and in your salon break room can work to make your mission statement a visual reminder of what your company stands for, for both you and your clients.

Are you ready to make it?

Mission Statement Formula With an Example

Follow the steps below for craft correctly your mission statement in 5 minutes: 

  1. The statement gives some context on the history of your project or brand to establish some expertise and experience while also making clear where it is located even if it operates online.

  2. Then, the statement lists the main services you offer.

  3. Following the services is where the values section of the mission statement comes in. It tells the reader who the customer is, both men and women, this is called  segmentation and helps to market your services. 

  4. After this, explain why you or the customer offers these services for example, to help people look and feel their best. 

For a final touch to wrap up your mission statement add another value by connecting to the products you use with it. We are loving to be part of your success. Access your professional account to get the best prices for your business HERE.

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