What Is Keratin Treatment and Is It Right for You?

What Is Keratin Treatment and Is It Right for You?

What Is Keratin Treatment and Is It Right for You?


When your hair does not cooperate with you, what do you do? Sometimes, it is frustrating to style your hair. It may be frizzy, with plenty of static, making your hair strands stand on their ends. Your style does not hold, or your hair is so dry, it's stiff, difficult to comb, and the ends are split.


You don't have to feel frustrated now, as different hair treatments will bring life back to your crowning glory. One of the most popular today is keratin treatment. 


Keratin: What is it?

Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in hair. But it is slowly lost over time because of harsh hair products, chemical treatments, and age. Keratin treatment replaces the lost keratin protein from your hair. At the same time, it adds a protective protein layer to each hair strand, so your hair becomes healthier.


Keratin treatment rebuilds and restores the damaged parts of your hair. It relaxes your hair, so it becomes more manageable. With the layer of protein, your hair likewise becomes shiny and lustrous. 


Benefits of keratin treatment


Keratin hair treatment relaxes hair, meaning the therapy smoothens frizz, making it easier for the salon professional to straighten your hair. Most of the women who have tried the treatment feel very satisfied with the results. Women with naturally curly or wavy hair who wish to have long straight hair cannot praise keratin treatment enough. They get straight, shiny hair that is very easy to manage. Keratin-treated hair makes blow-drying a breeze. A hairbrush or comb glides smoothly through the strands. With keratin treatment, tangles are a thing of the past.


Should you or should you not get a keratin treatment


While most women who heard of keratin treatment want to do the same, hair care experts recommend taking time to learn if the treatment is right for your hair. 


One of the first things you should do is know if your hair type fits the treatment. If you have naturally straight and fine hair, avoid the service. The ones who would benefit from it are those with frizzy and curly hair with a rough texture. 

If your hair is porous, it leads to breakage, frizz, and tangles. What keratin treatment does is fill in your hair's porosity. It is like patching up the potholes on roads. Because hair is mostly made up of keratin, the treatment fills those holes on your hair with keratin. 


Keratin treatment rebuilds your hair's damaged areas. With the protective layer, your hair will be less frizzy. Your hair becomes shiny and manageable. 


Before going for the treatment, consult the stylish for the best formula because keratin treatment is customized based on your hair type. Remember that the treatment can change the color of blonde hair. 


Although you can buy a keratin treatment solution for home use, do not expect salon-perfect results. The difference is in the knowledge of the hair care professional and the keratin quality, which is different from salon-grade formulas. 


Pre- and post- keratin treatment care


  • Ensure that you get the best results by preparing your hair at least a week in advance, Deep condition your hair so the flat iron will not damage it during the treatment process. Use a moisturizing shampoo afterward. 


  • Use a dry shampoo after a keratin treatment, as you are not allowed to have your hair washed for at least two days. When you can shampoo your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.


See to it that you ask the professional stylists about the keratin treatment that is right for you. To maintain your hair, follow the tips given by your stylist, so your keratin treatment can last for more than two months.



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