Why we chose olive oil for our professional hair care line?

Why we chose olive oil for our professional hair care line?

There is nothing better than using some of nature’s gifts to nourish and care for our hair. Sure, we’ve all heard of the wonders of coconut and Argan oil.  These oils have become essential ingredients for most professional hair care lines. However, olive oil seems to be a secret, a hidden gem that has been used for thousands of years.


Olive oil is made up of components that soften and strengthens your hair, allowing it to be used for protection against heat, UV rays, and more.  It moisturizes your ends, helping you prevent breakage and frizz. It is also beneficial to use olive oil in hair care lines to help moisture the scalp. As you may know or heard before, many people tend to suffer from dandruff, especially after a keratin treatment.  Dandruff is caused when the scalp becomes dry and flaky, but with the proper hair care product, this can be treated or prevented.  


Olive oil, aside from its incredible moisture is also a good source of antioxidant to the hair, which removes damaging free radicals from the external part of your hair follicle and scalp. The benefit of protecting the follicle is to prevent premature aging that causes hair loss. The cool thing about olive oil is its ability to penetrate the hair shaft better than other types of oils. By adding olive oil to hair treatments, it coats the outer layer of your hair, which makes it look smooth, shiny, healthy, and improves elasticity. Making Olive oil a no brainer’s choice for our professional hair care line.

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