Imperial Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

Imperial Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner Duo

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With this Duo, you will get 1 of each Blonde Shampoo & Conditioners 12oz.  The unique color-correcting formula preserves cool platinum blondes, brunette, and silver foxes' hair tunes. full of rich nutrients and soothing botanical extracts to promote healthy hair from the start.  

Cliove Blonde Shampoo is Provides color-neutralizing and nourishing benefits to lighter hair tones, Extra-mild formula gently cleanses and smooths the cuticle, Cool violet pigments help to brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones, Removes brassiness caused by natural factors such as the environment, discoloration or sun exposure, Restores vibrancy to blonde and highlighted hair Hydrates and adds shine, Improves humidity resistance. 

Directions: Wet hair, lather shampoo in palms, massage throughout hair. Rinse completely. Follow with Bright Conditioner to maintain the vibrancy of color. 

 Cliove Blonde Conditioner Provides color-neutralizing and nourishing benefits to lighter hair tones, Deeply restores moisture and maintains the brilliance and shine of color while keeping hair healthy, Removes brassiness caused by natural factors such as the environment, discoloration or sun exposure, Detangles and improves manageability Protects and helps prevent split ends Improves moisture, strength, and shine Improves humidity resistance. 

Directions: Apply a small amount to hair after Bright Shampoo. Comb through and leave for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. 

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Why choose us?
Reason one

Cliove uses about 50% Natural ingredients in our products both oils and plant extract in order to restore and maintain your hair’s healthy glow from within. Our product goes through an extensive formulation process, from the selection of powerful certified organic ingredients from sustainable sources, Argan, Coconut and Olive Oils carefully calibrating them into the perfect blend, testing the technology with scientist and professional hairdressers, to customizing  the formulas with a perfect elegant fragrance signature that will help to heal your hair and scalp. 

Reason two

Because, we are treating each client of us as a family, raving fans just like our company, we are a family-owned business. So providing with an outstanding customer service is a must! We have a variety of powerful professional contributors that brings their experience, knowledge, and love. From women entrepreneurs, professional hairstylists and the voice of the consumers. This is why we are creating the best hair products in the market 

Organic Oils

There is nothing better than using some of nature’s gifts to nourish and care for your hair. The wonders of CBD, coconut, argan and olive oils are essential ingredients to professional hair care lines.

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